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Empowering your loved ones through care

Companion Care
Having a companion stay by your side at all times is reassuring and comforting. A companion would help with everyday tasks that prove to be difficult to complete especially if the patient has a chronic illness, injury, disability, or is too weakened.

Many older adults who live on their own and are far away from friends and family struggle to perform daily tasks like cleaning the house or maintaining self-care. Choosing to rely on providers that offer companion care services would greatly benefit patients and help reassure their families that their loved ones are well cared for.

Personal Care Sitter
Older adults often neglect to perform self-care and maintaining their hygiene and often this is because of chronic pain, weakness, or restricted mobility. Lack of motivation can also play a role in this. This leads to the development of unwanted ailments like skin disease, poor dental health, matted hair, foul odor, low-self esteem, and more.

Relying on the services of a personal care sitter can prove beneficial to patients. The sitter will assist patients in bathing, grooming, and keep their safety in check. They make sure that the patient avoids falls in the bathroom, wears fresh and clean clothes, taking care of their dentures and other personal effects.